Tonia Jones

Operations Manager, Utah Department of Workforce Services

Tonia Jones is an operations manager with the Department of Workforce Services where she has served for 28 years in multiple capacities. She has been fortunate to spend most of her career working where her passion lies, in programs, projects and pilots to serve Utah’s most vulnerable citizens, including single parents, homeless, inter-generational poverty and offender populations. She has most recently served as manager in two of the largest inner city employment centers, in both Salt Lake City and Ogden. Tonia believes that every person matters and that compassionate service as well as access to programs and support truly make a difference and improve the quality of life for individuals and families. Tonia is mom to two amazing sons, and grandma to 2.5 granddaughters.


Family Employment. In April, 2017, the Department of Workforce Services, Workforce Development Division, implemented a pilot incorporating Theory of Constraint principles in the service delivery model for the Family Employment Program (FEP).  FEP primarily serves low or no-income single parent families seeking financial assistance and support while preparing to enter the workforce.  Join us to hear real customer and employment counselor experiences and learn how the elements of the pilot had a positive impact on relationships, progress toward employment goals and successful outcomes.