Steve Cuthbert

Director Operational Excellence, Utah Governor's Office of Management and Budget

Steve Cuthbert serves as director, operational excellence in the Utah Governor’s Office of Management and Budget and works with cabinet agencies to improve operational performance. He has led numerous improvement projects that have generated measurable results for customers, employees and taxpayers. Steve has worked at all levels of state government during his 25 year career and holds a graduate degree from the BYU Marriott School of Business and an undergraduate degree from the University of Utah.


SUCCESS Framework 101. You may not realize it, but your organization’s productivity is being decimated by organizational multitasking. A recent Harvard Business Review article stated that some organizations suffer a net productivity loss of 50 to 75 percent due to bad multitasking. Some signs of organizational multitasking are tasks and projects that take longer to complete than planned, everyone is tremendously busy yet little is accomplished, and staff are more productive when away from the office. Organizations can reduce bad multitasking and increase productivity by following a few simple, yet powerful concepts to improve the flow and quality of work and allow staff to focus on one task at a time and take it all the way to completion without interruption. Steve and Greg will share how to apply these proven concepts in your organization and build a culture of completion.

The Truth about IT: Adding Value to the Business. For an information technology (IT) project to be successful, it’s necessary to stay in budget, on time, and within scope. But does it really add value to the business? We start IT projects too quickly, often without really understanding the true business problem – which results in poor requirements, increased scope, rework, delays, etc. Learn how Utah’s Department of Technology Services is moving from being a technical service provider to a partner that can help identify the business problem and develop the correct technical solution.