Stephen Lisonbee

Director, Workforce Development Division, Utah Department of Workforce Services

Stephen Lisonbee, director of the Workforce Development Division for Utah’s Department of Workforce Services, is tasked with administering federal and state programs throughout Utah and it’s 31 employment centers. The Workforce Development Division fuels Utah’s economic engine and sustainable workforce through a career and educational approach to employment services through use of the state’s labor exchange. He has worked throughout Utah in public service leadership for the past 15 years. Stephen was raised in Delta, Utah where he attributes learning the value of work, voluntarism and community involvement. He completed a masters of business administration at Southern Utah University where he met his wife. He and his wife, Pamela, are raising their four children in LaVerkin, Utah. He enjoys traveling with his family and seeing the wonders of Utah and the world.


Family Employment. In April, 2017, the Department of Workforce Services, Workforce Development Division, implemented a pilot incorporating Theory of Constraint principles in the service delivery model for the Family Employment Program (FEP).  FEP primarily serves low or no-income single parent families seeking financial assistance and support while preparing to enter the workforce.  Join us to hear real customer and employment counselor experiences and learn how the elements of the pilot had a positive impact on relationships, progress toward employment goals and successful outcomes.