Staci Ghneim

Operational Excellence Consultant, Utah Governor’s Office of Management and Budget

Staci Ghneim melds a wealth of multi-sector experience and educational expertise to help state agencies improve their value performance. Her public service has spanned health, human, and other social services, along with human resources and economic development. She has also run a successful business and served with non-profit and faith-based organizations. Staci is a licensed social service worker and PhD candidate in social work at the University of Utah. She holds an MBA from Western Governors University and a B.S. from Brigham Young University.


The Shortcut to SUCCESS in Social Services. What if you could take a shortcut to even greater success in your social service work…would you take it? Taking the scenic byway can be nice, but it can also become a long winding road littered with failed evidence-based practices, forgotten strategic plans, and flat performance, that leaves you lost and short of your destination. In this session, we’ll show you a shortcut! Over the past four years, the Governor’s Office has worked with the Departments of Health, Human Services, Workforce Services, and Corrections to develop it. So join us as we walk through a generic simplified solution that can be adapted and applied in any social service system. And check out the other social service-related breakouts to see it in action.

Intense Focus. Extreme Results. Beginning mid-April 2018, three members of the Governor’s Office of Management and Budget team devoted three days a week to a deep-dive, intensive focus to assist the Department of Human Service’s Juvenile Justice (JJS) Division with a full scale implementation of the SUCCESS Framework. JJS director, Susan Burke, challenged her team to use the concepts and tools of the SUCCESS Framework to identify the few key breakthrough ideas that would significantly reduce the 50 percent youth recidivism rate. This workshop will outline how the intense focus was carried out, the lessons learned, the breakthrough ideas that JJS is implementing in the pursuit of extreme results, and how the process can be applied to any work environment.