Rick Little

Director, Performance Management, Utah Governor’s Office of Management and Budget

Rick Little serves as both the director of performance measurement and as an operational excellence consultant with the Governor’s Office of Management and Budget (GOMB). His professional skills include data science, program evaluation, performance measurement, statistics, econometrics, research methods, predictive analytics and query language (SQL). He is a Certified Public Manager (CPM) with additional certifications in Lean Six Sigma (Green Belt) and Theory of Constraints (TOC Jonah). Rick is the principal analyst and statistician at GOMB responsible for validating systemwide performance measures for all agencies. He compiles and reviews system goals, objectives and functions, and reviews statistical reports and documented research to validate evidence-based practices. He creates and manages statewide performance databases and dashboards. Rick holds a master’s degree in business and human resource management from Utah State University and has more than 25 years of experience working with federal and state government performance metrics and data systems.


Got Smarts? Using Integrated Workflow Intelligence to Improve Processes and Results. Individuals and families participating in social services must navigate the labyrinths of intake, assessment, planning, and case management systems administered by numerous programs and multiple agencies. Their journey is even more difficult when services from several agencies are needed simultaneously. This workshop describes the use of integrated data to provide intelligence to workers that improves workflow. Synchronized processes help customers pass through state bureaucracies more efficiently and contribute to better outcomes. Rick’s presentation will highlight how working smarter enables employees to spend more time with those customers that need attention while reducing the overall number of customers in the process.

Intense Focus. Extreme Results. Beginning mid-April 2018, three members of the Governor’s Office of Management and Budget team devoted three days a week to a deep-dive, intensive focus to assist the Department of Human Service’s Juvenile Justice (JJS) Division with a full scale implementation of the SUCCESS Framework. JJS director, Susan Burke, challenged her team to use the concepts and tools of the SUCCESS Framework to identify the few key breakthrough ideas that would significantly reduce the 50 percent youth recidivism rate. This workshop will outline how the intense focus was carried out, the lessons learned, the breakthrough ideas that JJS is implementing in the pursuit of extreme results, and how the process can be applied to any work environment.