Rebecca O’Hara

Vice President of Operations, Gategroup Gourmet

Rebecca O’Hara currently serves as vice president of operations at Gategroup, where she has led teams for 16 years.  She has served in senior roles in global sales and service and ran two of Gategroup’s largest inflight catering kitchens (Toronto and San Francisco). Prior to joining Gategroup, Rebecca contributed to various positions over a 13-year period with Wardair, Canadian Airlines and Air Canada Jazz. Rebecca has a business management and economics diploma from York University, as well as a degree in political science from the University of Guelph.


Paradigm Shifting. Fundamental changes in any business are difficult, but especially for those that are industry leaders and have grown to be arguably the best and largest. Airline catering market changes and new entrant pressures created a competitive environment that is pressing for better, faster and cheaper. We discovered how to penetrate the tribal approaches and identify constraints in one of world’s most regulated businesses, while surrounded by internal skeptics.