Rami Goldratt

Chief Executive Officer, Goldratt Consulting

Rami Goldratt currently serves as CEO of Goldratt Group, the leading organization in Theory of Constraints (TOC) implementations. Over the years, Rami has been involved in consulting engagements with retail, automotive, textile, chemical, and service industries from all around the world. Rami is considered one of the most influential leaders of the TOC body of knowledge and is highly regarded for developing TOC applications to sales and marketing. His ground-breaking implementations have become the TOC standard for sales. Rami was also among the pioneers in developing and implementing TOC applications for the education system—guiding hundreds of teachers around the world in applying TOC thinking processes to children’s education.

Pre-Conference Event

Breakthrough Thinking. So much effort, so little improvement. We are inundated with initiatives. And as nearly all of us have experienced, most of these initiatives will deliver far short of their plan. Too many are trying to solve the wrong problem. Some aim at the right problem, but the solution falls short. Others might have the right problem and a great solution, but fail miserably in execution. In this full-day workshop, Rami Goldratt provides insights into the TOC tools, roadmap and mindset that guide people through finding and solving the “invisible constraints” – the problems that, when solved, will make an uncontestable improvement for the organization and its stakeholders. Rami will explain the process and the mindset, share examples from a variety of industries and organization types, and guide you through:

  • Creating a draft of the vicious cycle that is at the root of your organization’s persistent, wicked problems
  • Articulating the core conflict that perpetuates the vicious cycle – this is the ONE THING that demands a solution in order to reverse the vicious cycle
  • Generating ideas on how to solve the conflict – without compromising long term for short term, or one local need for another