Rachel Stone

Senior Business Analyst, Utah Office of Tourism, Governor’s Office of Economic Development

Rachel Stone uses technology, data and UX research to modernize governments for the 21st century. She studied political science and computer science at BYU, and has since enjoyed working for Provo City, the Utah Office of Tourism, and the U.S. Department of State. Among her goals is to cultivate collaboration between data practitioners working for the State of Utah. If you’re a government data practitioner, please say hello! It would be great to include you on the new Utah Data Doers Slack.


Marketing with SUCCESS. Would you like to make the most of your marketing, communications, and public awareness strategies? Analytical tools have transformed the way marketing operates by providing insights into consumer behavior, increasing accountability, and improving efficacy. This new paradigm has created new challenges, forcing organizations to build analytics programs, manage data overload, and re-think longstanding tenets of marketing. In this session, the Utah Office of Tourism will share their approach and achievements, best practices gained from the marketing analytics transformation, and insights that can be applied to any organization looking to accelerate their capabilities and maximize their impact.