Mike Thompson

Chief Operating Officer, SkyWest Airlines

Mike Thompson is the chief operating officer at SkyWest Airlines and is responsible for overseeing its extensive day-to-day operations. Mike joined SkyWest in 2001 as an executive operational analyst. He oversaw the integration of SkyWest’s partnership with Midwest Airlines and developed the company’s partnership with AirTran Airways. He served as the vice president of market development, growing the operation from around $100 million in 2007 to just over $350 million in 2013. Before joining SkyWest, Mike served as CFO at Ivy Logistics Inc.  He holds a master of science in mechanical engineering, a master of business administration from Brigham Young University and a bachelor of science in manufacturing engineering.


FOCUS on First Flight. SkyWest Airlines COO Mike Thompson will share how employing the Theory of Constraints (TOC) concepts of low WIP and full kit enabled step improvements in overnight maintenance performance for the largest regional airline in the United States. He’ll discuss the need for organizational focus when navigating the complexities of a multi-partner operation with a growing fleet and expanding network, and how this focus accelerated change across multiple stakeholders within the SkyWest operation.