Chief Executive Officer, Penna Powers

Michael Brian is the CEO of Penna Powers, a professional communication agency headquartered in Utah. Mike’s background includes institutional training and pioneering the interactive era of marketing and advertising. Leveraging his natural “storytelling” talent, he helps agency customers connect with their clients on a very personal level. Though his day-to-day comedic antics at the office have many wondering how any real work gets done, he has somehow found the time to take many of the agencies clients into new territories in creative execution, strategic direction and profitability. Mike also provides professional presentation training to executives working on cultivating the ability to capture and communicate to their audience. Mike established one of Utah’s first digital production companies and merged with Penna Powers in 2002. As a marketing graduate of Weber State University with an emphasis in advertising and a minor in finance, he pairs his more than 30 years of industry experience both as an entrepreneur and a marketing professional to deliver a unique perspective to every project, program or campaign.

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