Miguel Teles

Head of Supply Chain, Sport Zone

Miguel Teles is the Head of Supply Chain at Sport Zone. For the last 7 years, Miguel has brought to Sport Zone innovative approaches such as Theory of Constraints for Retail and, more recently, RFID tagging at the product level. With an Industrial Engineering background and an Executive MBA from Porto Business School, he has been managing change through Supply Chains and IT projects for more than 20 years in different companies and industries across the world.


The TOC Journey at Sport Zone. Contrary to the common belief, more stock doesn’t equate to more sales for a retailer. Miguel Teles will describe how Sport Zone has applied TOC principles to their supply chain, managing more than 15,000 SKU’s from suppliers through more than 130 stores throughout Portugal and Spain. Miguel will share the solutions and challenges, results and lessons learned since embarking on the common-sense TOC approach for retail management 3 years ago.