Lowell Keig

Director, Civil Rights Division, Texas Workforce Commission

Lowell Keig is the Director of the Texas Workforce Commission Civil Rights Division and oversees equal employment and fair housing investigations and enforcement across the state. He is responsible for training and outreach to the public and for equal employment monitoring of state agencies. Prior to joining TWC, Keig practiced employment and housing law with private law firms, served as general counsel for a behavioral health care system, and was a division chief, deputy chief, and prosecutor for the Office of the Attorney General. Keig received his law degree from the University of Texas School of Law and a BS degree in business from Trinity University. Disclaimer: Keig is neither a TOC Jonah, a Lean nor Six Sigma Black Belt, nor has he gained a White Belt in anything. Rather, he is a very enthusiastic fan and advocate for process improvement. Keig has garnered an in-depth working knowledge of RPI under the tutelage of colleague Alfredo Mycue who has holds a number of these types of certifications.


Yes, We’ve Always Done It this Way, but…Why not Do It Better, Faster, Cheaper? In this workshop, Lowell will walk you through his division’s continuous improvement journey to date, including how he and his people are gaining a working knowledge of process improvement principles and making them a continuous part of day-to-day management.  Keig will show how his division identifies performance issues and constraints, operationalizes key tools and concepts, manages change, and measures outcomes.  He will also discuss how his agency builds on success by “cross pollinating” its efficiencies across divisions.