Lisa Scheinkopf

Partner, Goldratt Consulting

Lisa Scheinkopf is a partner with Goldratt Consulting and serves as the global director of The Goldratt School. Lisa is a 2018 recipient of the TOCICO Lifetime Achievement Award. Lisa has been at the forefront of TOC for more than 25 years, using her passion for breaking down barriers between people to transform the powerful breakthrough thinking of TOC into actions and results that benefit all stakeholders. Lisa has consulted to companies large and small around the world, teaching and coaching from the top floor to the shop floor, and developed new TOC based solutions that apply across a broad spectrum of industries. Lisa’s passion and knowledge, combined with her unique ability to connect with people from the podium, have made her a popular public speaker on a wide range of TOC subjects. Lisa’s current responsibilities include building TOC Community in North America and The Goldratt School programs around the world. Lisa is a past chairperson of TOCICO (Theory of Constraints International Certification Organization), and earned her MBA at the Thunderbird School of International Management.

Pre-Conference Event

Get Your Focus On! This half-day workshop caters to anyone new to the Theory of Constraints (TOC) and delves into the power of focus. More specifically, how to utilize TOC to sharpen your focus on those few critical constraints that have the greatest impact on your organization’s ability to truly improve performance and deliver more value. You will leave the workshop equipped with:

  • An understanding of your organization’s constraint
  • Insights on how much of your organization’s constraint is currently being wasted
  • Ideas on what to do in order to eliminate a significant amount of that waste and break through the barrier to achieve more value and bottom line performance
  • A template to use throughout the conference and beyond to help you determine what to do, and what not to do, to keep your focus on what matters