Dr. Javier Arevalo

Partner, and Regional Director for Goldratt Latin America

Dr. Javier Arevalo is a founding partner of Goldratt Consulting and serves as its regional director for Latin America. After a successful tenure at Procter & Gamble R&D, he joined Dr. Eli Goldratt in 2003 to develop Goldratt Consulting and guide TOC based projects around the world. Javier holds a PhD from the University of Notre Dame.


Measures That Hurt, Measures That Help. A challenge to continuous improvement is accounting for the human factor. People’s behavior is fundamental in reaching the results and we need consensus and collaboration in order to effect the change. Still, most companies use the common practice of incentives and performance indicators. If these are not understood and changed, they can thwart the progress of an implementation. Javier will discuss several examples drawn from implementation experiences to show how important it is to consider behavior early in the process and how important a generic formula is to derive proper indicators that will align the local action to the global objective and secure breakthrough performance.