Jaideep Srivastav

Partner, Goldratt Consulting

Jaideep Srivastav is a civil engineer by training with a bachelor’s degree in technology from the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi. Jaideep has 16+ years of experience designing, customizing, implementing and auditing a variety of breakthrough solutions based on Theory of Constraints (TOC). He is credited with involvement in 40+ successful TOC implementations in maintenance repair and overhaul (MRO), new product development, engineering/IT organizations, engineer to order, pharma and infrastructure/construction projects. He, along with other partners, co-created a simplified critical chain solution and TOC for aircraft MRO. Jaideep also created a quality control process for delivery of TOC solutions to ensure smooth change management while bringing results. Jaideep‘s clients have included the U.S. Airforce, Navy, and Marine Corps, Boeing, Procter and Gamble Pharmaceuticals, Larsen & Toubro Shipyard Development, HP Cameras, Chrysler New Products, Godrej Properties India, Von Ardenne Germany, Ismeca Switzerland, and e2v (Atmel) France. Prior to getting involved in TOC implementations, Jaideep spent 15 years involved in designing and managing medium sized-civil engineering projects


The Haystack Syndrome in Airlines. In airlines, everything can be improved and nearly everyone is under pressure to improve everything. The result is many metrics, but no clarity on true status or actions that can be taken. This leads to too much work-in-progress of projects, with real struggles to execute. Using case studies from MRO, pilot training and catering, we will show how airlines and their suppliers can use the right information to make the right focused improvements.