Heidi Cozart

Director, Professional Analytics, University of Utah Health Sciences

Heidi Cozart is a pharmacist and healthcare informatics thought leader with over 20 years of real-world transformational experience in both corporate and academic health systems. She has spent the last 10 years providing strategic oversight and tactical approaches to leading successful programs and improving healthcare processes. She currently serves as the director of analytics for the medical group at University of Utah Health. Heidi is responsible for the operational oversight and strategic development of the analytic capabilities for the faculty practice, as well as a myriad of benchmarking, population health and value-based programs. Prior to joining University of Utah, Heidi spent 15 years in various leadership roles at Duke Medicine where she was responsible for strategic planning, program management and mobilization of new enterprise-wide IT service lines. She has presented and co-authored a number of professional publications. Heidi is also active in serving the Army Special Forces veteran community.


Applying TOC in Academic Medicine. In this workshop, Heidi and Randy will provide their 18-month transformation from Analytics Napoleon Dynamite to Analytics Avengers in their work at the University of Utah medical group and what they have planned for the next phase of their ongoing transformation.