Greg Gardner

Director Operational Excellence, Utah Governor's Office of Management and Budget

Greg Gardner serves as director of operational excellence for the Utah Governor’s Office of Management and Budget. Greg helped create and implement the SUCCESS Framework, a body of work adapted from the Theory of Constraints and customized for government. Greg works with cabinet-level agencies to improve operations by helping them apply the principles and concepts of the SUCCESS Framework to increase value for every tax dollar invested. Greg has significant state government experience with 35 years of value-added service to include senior and executive level positions at the Department of Workforce Services. This operational experience gives Greg direct insight into how state agencies work and the expertise to best apply the SUCCESS Framework to improve operations. Greg earned BA and MS degrees from the University of Utah.


SUCCESS Framework 101. You may not realize it, but your organization’s productivity is being decimated by organizational multitasking. A recent Harvard Business Review article stated that some organizations suffer a net productivity loss of 50 to 75 percent due to bad multitasking. Some signs of organizational multitasking are tasks and projects that take longer to complete than planned, everyone is tremendously busy yet little is accomplished, and staff are more productive when away from the office. Organizations can reduce bad multitasking and increase productivity by following a few simple, yet powerful concepts to improve the flow and quality of work and allow staff to focus on one task at a time and take it all the way to completion without interruption. Steve and Greg will share how to apply these proven concepts in your organization and build a culture of completion.

Intense Focus. Extreme Results. Beginning mid-April 2018, three members of the Governor’s Office of Management and Budget team devoted three days a week to a deep-dive, intensive focus to assist the Department of Human Service’s Juvenile Justice (JJS) Division with a full scale implementation of the SUCCESS Framework. JJS director, Susan Burke, challenged her team to use the concepts and tools of the SUCCESS Framework to identify the few key breakthrough ideas that would significantly reduce the 50 percent youth recidivism rate. This workshop will outline how the intense focus was carried out, the lessons learned, the breakthrough ideas that JJS is implementing in the pursuit of extreme results, and how the process can be applied to any work environment.