Gary Adams

Director, Delta Connection TechOps, Delta Air Lines

Gary Adams is the director of Delta Connection TechOps at Delta Air Lines in Atlanta, Georgia. Gary has been with Delta for 28 years, serving previously as an aircraft mechanic, manager of continuous improvement, manager and general manager of the engine repair shops. Gary is a licensed mechanic and pilot, and also possesses a first class FCC license. He received his original aviation training with the United States Marine Corps, received his undergraduate degree from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, and graduate degree from the University of Tennessee. Gary received his formal Lean/Theory of Constraints training from the University of Tennessee and Washington State University. Gary is currently a guest speaker for Utah’s Lean MRO course. Gary was a recipient of the Robert Fox Award for innovation in operations.


The Catalyst of Breakthrough Performance. Over the last 15 years, Delta Air Lines has achieved several breakthroughs with its use of TOC. Gary Adams will share his journey of the various TOC initiatives at Delta, including the challenges faced and results. Gary will conclude by sharing his insights on what it takes to get leadership support and organizational buy-in in a large, complex organization.