Frank Doerner

Chief Engineer, Boeing Research & Technology

Frank Doerner is the chief engineer for Boeing Research & Technology (BR&T), the advanced centralized research and development unit of The Boeing Company. Doerner is responsible for ensuring technical excellence across all BR&T products and services. He has functional responsibility for a 3,300person engineering team across multiple sites with a $250 million overhead budget. He leads the engineering skills, tools and process development activities for BR&T’s engineering community. Doerner has also served as the BR&T vice president of airplane producibility technologies and the vice president of materials, processes & structures. Doerner is on the executive committee for the University of Colorado-Boulder’s Engineering Advisory Counsel and is an executive trustee of the Academy of Science of St. Louis. He holds a B.S. in mechanical engineering from the University of Colorado, an M.S. in mechanical engineering and an MBA from Washington University, St. Louis.


Accelerating Results in Aerospace R&D. Big aerospace development projects are expected to be significantly late and overbudget. Frank Doerner will present how Boeing Research & Technology is succeeding to do the impossible – cut the duration of its research projects in half! Not by increasing budget or headcount, not by coercion or punishment, but by enabling everybody involved to truly benefit by speeding up the projects using TOC and Buffer Management concepts.