Dallas Earnshaw

Superintendent, Utah State Hospital, Department of Human Services

Dallas Earnshaw has worked at the Utah State Hospital (USH) for 34 years and was appointed as superintendent in 2005. He works hard to ensure that all patients receive excellent psychiatric care and is committed to promoting the best quality of life for individuals with mental illness. He enjoys working with highly-skilled colleagues and respects the expertise and professionalism of his team. Dallas strives to make process improvement a cultural norm within USH. He is dedicated to community service and has participated on many boards and community action groups including the social work and nursing boards at Utah Valley University, the Art City Substance Abuse Prevention Board in Springville, and is currently a member of the Hope4Utah Board working to address suicide prevention in Utah. Dallas also served as both president and member of the Board of the Western Psychiatric State Hospital Association. Dallas graduated from Weber State University in nursing and later attended Brigham Young University and the University of Utah in pursuit of his career as a clinical nurse specialist.


Achieving Breakthrough Performance at the Utah State Hospital. This workshop will highlight the core challenges that face all healthcare organizations by sharing the breakthrough performance story of the Utah State Hospital. This presentation will highlight how the Theory of Constraints has been applied to deliver improvements in both the quality of care and access to care in a remarkably short timeframe and without added resources. Attendees will learn how to identify what to focus on in order to improve productivity and how to synchronize patient flow in a complex environment. This workshop will be of value to anyone hoping to achieve breakthrough performance in any complex service environment—not just healthcare.