Clint Bunnell

Project Management Supervisor, Division of Facilities Construction and Management, Utah Department of Administrative Services

Clint Bunnell has worked in the construction industry for 18 years and funded his college education by doing roofing and residential and commercial remodeling. He earned his degree in construction management from Brigham Young University and went on to work as a general manager for a multi-million dollar roofing company. He has worked for Layton Construction and the University of Utah. In 2015, Clint joined the DFCM team and in his current assignment as the construction project management supervisor he inspires a team and oversees capital improvement and development projects covering the southern half of the state from Capitol Hill south to St. George. He has successfully managed over $635 million dollars of work. Clint is highly motivated, is an innovator, and enjoys understanding, analyzing, and improving processes, procedures, and people. He has been involved with multiple committees to create greater efficiencies, reduce costs, and update policies and general conditions. He is a certified project management professional. Outside of work, his passion is in raising three boys, coaching soccer, country swing dancing, and enjoying an abundance of outdoor recreational activities.


Real People, Real Projects, Real Results.  In response to the Governor’s Office of Management and Budget’s goal to create more and more value for every tax dollar invested, the departments of Environmental Quality, Agriculture and Food, and Administrative Services have each identified a SUCCESS+ process improvement project specific to the work performed within their individual agencies. Those attending this workshop will learn that by establishing a clear goal, identifying measurable outcomes, and implementing the tools and strategies of the SUCCESS Framework, real results are possible in any work environment.