Bill Crim

President and Chief Executive Officer, United Way of Salt Lake

Bill Crim is the President and CEO of United Way of Salt Lake. All you really need to know about Bill is that he is a Chicago Cubs baseball fan – with a deeply held and enduring belief that the Cubs will win the World Series again in his lifetime, AND… that one day we will succeed in creating a world where the cycle of poverty no longer exists and where every child in America has the opportunity to reach their full potential.


Breaking the Cycle of Poverty. Poverty in the U.S. has been in a vicious cycle for hundreds of years, leading many to conclude that it’s an intractable problem resistant to any permanent solution. But TOC teaches that if we have a common goal, every conflict can be permanently removed by a solution that addresses all needs with no compromise. If we can break the conflict and find the right leverage point to focus our energies, it should be possible to flip the vicious cycle, and show dramatic progress towards solving poverty once and for all. This session will share what United Way of Salt Lake is doing to realize this common goal.