Aureo Villagra

Partner and Chief Executive Officer, Goldratt Consulting Brazil

Aureo Villagra is a partner with Goldratt Consulting and is CEO of Goldratt Consulting Brazil. Aureo has led consultancy services in over 200 companies including family owned businesses, and has guided them through succession, recovery, full growth and expansion, competitive strategy and TOC applications. He is passionate to inspire and coach entrepreneurs to build and foster their businesses to achieve goals, using TOC logic and thinking process. Aureo earned his MBA at Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, and his bachelor degree in engineering at PUC-RS.


Removing Family Business Constraints. The regular dynamic of a family business environment can easily jeopardize company performance and harmony due to special dilemmas and challenges. In this workshop, Aureo will describe how to use the TOC principals and tools in order to create a robust process to ensure harmony, growth and stability on both the business and personal level.