Andy Ferland

Principal, Goldratt Consulting North America

Andy Ferland’s continuous improvement efforts have spanned multiple large-scale developments in the aerospace industry, including commercial satellites, commercial aircraft, manned space vehicles, and airline operations. Andy currently manages airline maintenance, repair, and overhaul implementations for Goldratt Consulting North America, where his focus lies in improving the flow of overnight maintenance to increase on-time airline performance. Andy holds a B.S. and M.S. in aerospace & astronautical engineering and resides in San Francisco, California.


The Haystack Syndrome in Airlines. In airlines, everything can be improved and nearly everyone is under pressure to improve everything. The result is many metrics, but no clarity on true status or actions that can be taken. This leads to too much work-in-progress of projects, with real struggles to execute. Using case studies from MRO, pilot training and catering, we will show how airlines and their suppliers can use the right information to make the right focused improvements.