Alvaro Lozano

Industrial Improvement Manager, AGP Group

Alvaro Lozano has been with AGP since 2008 and has held several positions in manufacturing and industrial operations. He holds an engineering degree and a master’s degree in operational research and statistics from Universidad de los Andes, Bogota, Colombia. He also holds expert certifications in Lean and Six Sigma from the University of Michigan and Arizona State University. Alvaro’s primary role with AGP is to lead and support the company’s efforts in the standardization and continuous improvement of its industrial processes. His personal goal is to deliver management-focused results using the Theory of Constraints, Lean, and Six Sigma to achieve breakthrough performance. Alvaro also oversees all company operations in Peru, Brazil, and Columbia.


Bulletproof Operations. Glass is a solid fluid, is fragile and delicate. At AGP, it is converted to a bullet proof resistant glass through a delicate and significantly demanding technical operation. Tiny dust particles can scratch the glass and render it useless. The process requires a high level of manual labor and handling. These are the paradoxes and complexities of the process. Making the operation highly reliable in both quality and on-time performance brought significant challenges. The implementation of TOC brought to bear the need to synchronize the operations, unbalance the capacity, and replace traditional measurements.  Flow is now the main consideration, and today AGP enjoys high reliability, the ability to produce in half the lead time, and increased production volumes to serve the market.  The company is poised to continue to grow in its market as a leader.