Alex Knight

Global Partner, Healthcare, Goldratt Consulting; CEO, QFI Consulting; Author, Pride and Joy

For nearly three decades, Alex Knight has worked around the world alongside many great leaders in healthcare, social care, for-profit and not-for-profit organizations. His consulting, lecturing, and coaching work have shown him first-hand the joys and struggles people face in their endeavors to improve. For the last 15 years, Alex’s primary focus has been on building, testing, and verifying a Theory of Constraints (TOC) solution for healthcare. The solution has been tested in acute, community, and mental health settings in the UK, Netherlands, USA and Canada. On completion of the solution, Alex and his team focused on building the education, implementation and software elements to ensure the solution’s robustness, sustainability, and scalability. Alex just completed a two-year assignment acting as CEO for Samworth Brothers, a billion dollar chilled foods company in the UK. Alex’s work is guided by the scientific approach and the principles underpinning TOC and the belief that inherent simplicity exists in any system. Alex was fortunate to be mentored by Dr. Eliyahu M. Goldratt, the father of TOC, and their friendship lasted almost 30 years.


Pride and Joy: Using TOC to Improve Healthcare. This workshop will demonstrate how it is possible to simultaneously improve the quality of care, patient safety, patient throughput and the finances of a hospital or healthcare system without extra resources. By identifying and improving the few key leverage points in the system a reduction in length of stay and increased patient throughput can be delivered in a remarkably short timescale. The session will cover the key elements in Alex Knight’s breakthrough healthcare book entitled Pride and Joy. Each participant will receive a signed copy of Alex’s book.

Achieving Breakthrough Performance at the Utah State Hospital. This workshop will highlight the core challenges that face all healthcare organizations by sharing the breakthrough performance story of the Utah State Hospital. This presentation will highlight how the Theory of Constraints has been applied to deliver improvements in both the quality of care and access to care in a remarkably short timeframe and without added resources. Attendees will learn how to identify what to focus on in order to improve productivity and how to synchronize patient flow in a complex environment. This workshop will be of value to anyone hoping to achieve breakthrough performance in any complex service environment—not just healthcare.