Dr. Ajai Kapoor

Partner, Goldratt Consulting

Dr. Ajai Kapoor has over 17 years of consulting experience helping companies design innovative, logistical solutions based on the Theory of Constraints (TOC). Ajai’s passion is to help companies deploy these solutions as a disruptive force in order to obtain a significant competitive advantage by applying principles to create simple solutions that can be implemented at scale. Ajai believes in using the power of TOC to resolve deep conflicts in and between organizations, strengthening the integration within companies and their suppliers and partners. His consulting focus has been on operations solutions for high uncertainty environments. As an entrepreneur, Ajai started a company that focused on providing TOC-based software for project management. Ajai holds a PhD in operations research from Carnegie Mellon University, a bachelor’s degree in technology from IT Delhi, and he is the winner of the Fulkerson Prize.


The Truth about IT: Adding Value to the Business. For an information technology (IT) project to be successful, it’s necessary to stay in budget, on time, and within scope. But does it really add value to the business? We start IT projects too quickly, often without really understanding the true business problem – which results in poor requirements, increased scope, rework, delays, etc. Learn how Utah’s Department of Technology Services is moving from being a technical service provider to a partner that can help identify the business problem and develop the correct technical solution.